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Free Wired

iLECSYS Rail manufacture, populate and supply a wide range of free wired disconnection boxes for use with multiple applications. All free wired boxes are manufactured using PADS approved GRP enclosures and align to BS EN 50215-4.

Available in a range of sizes to suit, disconnection boxes can be supplied with a choice of approved terminals and allow for the disconnection of signalling cables up to 10mm sq. This allows for the capability to install trackside equipment at a distance of greater than 50M, resulting in safer working environments that are not directly trackside. A top nutting capability is available on many types of DIS boxes to allow for rehearsals and changeover, from existing to new signalling systems. All DIS boxes are supplied complete with 221 padlock locking mechanisms and are available to suit an impressive range of mounting options.


Part No DIS Box Ways Application
ILS100412 2 Way Western ETCS Balise Disconnection Box
ILS100646 4 Way HVI Track Circuit Isolation
ILS100007-016FW 4 Way Frausher Hose Tail
ILS100007-017HW 4 Way Return Detection Isolation
ILS100096-033 4 Way Axle Counter / ETCS
ILS100096-035 6 Way TPWS OSS
ILS100096-040 6 Way Track Circuits - Allows for 10mm Cable
ILS100096-042 6 Way  AWS / TPWS
ILS100096-048 7 Way Small Signals
ILS100096-050 8 Way Axle Counter (2 Heads)
ILS100096-034 8 Way AWS and Supplementary Detection (SUP)
ILS100096-005 8 Way SASR AWS Disconnection Box
ILE/BRISTOL-SA 10 Way Signalling
ILS100096-005 10 Way Signalling
ILE/BRISTOL-SP 10+4 Way HW Point Machine
ILS100096-036 12 Way 3/4 Aspect Signals
ILS100096-020 12 Way Signalling - Entrelec Slide Terminals
ILS100096-043 14 Way Signalling
ILS100096-017 14 Way HW Point Machine
ILS100096-009 16 Way Signalling - 8 x WAGO 2.5mm DIS Links & 8 x M10/10 Entrelec 10mm Terminals
ILS100096-018 18 Way Clamplock Point Machine 
ILS100142 20 Way Signal Gantry DIS Box
ILE/BRISTOL-SB 20 Way Multi Application
ILS100096-051 20 Way Points Machines - WAGO Terminals
ILS100096-044 22 Way Larger Signals / Smaller Point Machines
ILS100096-006 24 Way Larger Signals / Smaller Point Machines
ILS100096-012 27 Way Larger Signals / Smaller Point Machines
ILS100096-037 27 Way Signals & TSS
ILS100096-027 29 Way Multi Application
ILS100096-045 33 Way Point Machine Incorporating RCM
ILS100096-046 40 Way Quad and Multiple Signals 
ILE/BRISTOL-SC 40 Way Point Machine
ILS100096-038 30+20 Way Clamplock Point Machine - Incorporating 10mm Terminals, RCM & Betaduct for Top Nutting
ILS100096-039 30+20 Way HW Point Machine - Incorporating 10mm Terminals, RCM & Betaduct for Top Nutting
ILS100096-019 60 Way Axle Counter
ILS100506-002 70 Way Euston Axle Counter DIS Box - Wall mount
ILS100506-001 70 Way Euston Axle Counter DIS Box - Pedestal Mount
ILS100096-047 80 Way Quad DIS Box for Up & Down Lines
ILS100096-032 48+48 Way  Multi Purpose Super DIS Box
ILS100096-041 60+60 Way Multi Purpose Super DIS Box
ILS100292-001P 120 Way Axle Counter
ILS100018-010 180 Way Super DIS Box - Multi Purpose