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DIS Boxes

iLECSYS Rail has long championed the use of GRP enclosures for disconnection boxes. iLECSYS Rail seeks to offer a comprehensive introduction into the various ranges of DIS boxes and the applications they can be used for.

Detailed technical guidance and specifications for all free wired and Plug & Play configurations can be found in our downloadable PDF. These can be used to assist with project design and specifications. DIS box selections via both application and system architecture can be made based on detailed GA drawings and the alignment of Network Rail SE-SK diagrams for Plug & Play applications.

The full range of DIS boxes are based on a number of GRP enclosure ranges, all having product acceptance and aligning to BS EN 50215-4. Mounting options and accessories are detailed within the PDF guide. Dimensions and weights have been added, to aid with detailed specification and designs.

All free wired DIS boxes feature multi-connection, disconnect terminals from WAGO, Weidmuller or Entrelec. These terminals replace the traditional 2BA links and allow for “Top Nutting” where the rehearsal is required within the DIS box. Additional DIS box types are available with 10sqmm terminals for long-distance applications. Many of the signalling configurations will allow for additional connections for TPWS (TSS) within the single disconnection box.

The range of iLECSYS free wired boxes has been expanded with the addition of the BRES range of enclosures, as specified on certificate PA05/07019. This range of enclosures furthers the available enclosure sizes and configurations. This has been supported by the introduction of a new GRP pedestal, which comes complete with a removable front cover section for installations and a handy hinged access panel for maintenance.

A new European Traffic Control System (ETCS) Eurobalise disconnection box has been included in the range. These units have recently been used on trial at the Heathrow Branch, as per the Crossrail ETCS Western Project: Stage A.

A comprehensive range of both Plug & Play and Interface boxes are available for every trackside application, as well as a large range of General Purpose DIS boxes, from 2-core to 48-core and larger marshalling boxes. We have included a range of key Plug & Play products that support Network Rail maintainers, including the isolation detection DIS box and the Plug & Play conversion kits, for Clamplock retrofit upgrades. Also included in the guide is a range of standard Trackside Connection Boxes (TCBs) for points heating and lighting applications. These can be supplied complete with mounting kits, appropriate cable glands and labelling.

Free Wired GRP DIS Boxes

iLECSYS Rail manufacture, populate and supply a wide range of free wired disconnection boxes for use with multiple applications. All free wired boxes are manufactured using PADS approved GRP enclosures and align to BS EN 50215-4. 

Available in a range of sizes to suit, disconnection boxes can be supplied with a choice of approved terminals and allow for the disconnection of signalling cables up to 10mm sq. This allows for the capability to install trackside equipment at a distance of greater than 50M, resulting in safer working environments that are not directly trackside. A top nutting capability is available on many types of DIS boxes, to allow for rehearsals and changeover from existing to new signalling systems. All DIS boxes are supplied complete with 221 padlock locking mechanisms and are available to suit an impressive range of mounting options.

In-house Engineering

Depending on project specifics, all our DIS boxes can be configured to suit. Boxes are available to complete with heat shrink or compression glands. Our in-house engineering department can cater for any additional cable entries, backplate assemblies or mounting options. 

Free Wired

iLECSYS Rail manufacture, populate and supply a wide range of free wired disconnection boxes for use with multiple applications.

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TCBs (Trackside Connection Boxes)

LECSYS Rail manufacture a wide range of Trackside Connection Boxes (TCB's) to cover all points heating applications. 

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Plug N Play

iLECSYS Rail specialise in the manufacture of Plug 'n' Play disconnection boxes with over 100 approved variants covering most of the standard circuits on the rail network. 

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Plugs, Receptacles, Interconnects & Leads

Pre-wired plugs, receptacles, interconnects and leads

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