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About us

iLECSYS Rail delivers collaborative large-scale projects, working with SME’s and Tier 1 contractors. We have expert knowledge and work with a ‘safe by design’ ethos.  iLECSYS Rail has pioneered the use of non-conductive infrastructure solutions for Network Rail. As one of the major design and manufacturers of IT Signalling power equipment, we can deliver a full IT and non-conductive infrastructure equipment package.  iLECSYS Rail also supports the deployment of ‘Plug & Play’ equipment for signalling systems, manufacturing the largest range of ‘Signalling Disconnection Boxes’.   

To complement these products and to retain earth free systems, iLECSYS Rail manufacture and supply GFRP non-conductive platforms, staging walkways and stairs.  A range of off-grid power supply units is in development to offer a fully modular LV architecture, with high-efficiency aluminium transformers, fault location and insulation monitoring systems and composite equipment cases.  As a supporting feature to the structures, we offer an innovative range of foundation and civils products, optimising groundworks and minimising train delay. 

Lewis Westbury - Managing Director

lewis westbury managing director ilecsys

Lewis Westbury was appointed Managing Director of iLECSYS Rail in 2019. Lewis began his journey with iLECSYS in 2014 as a Marketing and Advertising Executive. After 18 months and learning more about the core of the iLECSYS business his attention was soon caught by the rail division. This began with focussed project advertising and training sessions. Lewis began to shadow Peter Dickson where he gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience.  As time went on Lewis soon started to pick up new responsibilities and soon found himself managing various Class II projects, working alongside both Network Rail and their contractors. Later this year Lewis is travelling to Australia to attend the AusRAIL expo and is hoping to develop further business globally in the next few years. 

Spare time for Lewis is family time and together with his wife and daughter, enjoy using their Merlin Pass across the UK at the various attractions. As well as following the 'mighty' Chelsea an ideal Sunday involves a roast dinner!

Peter Dickson - Engineering Manager

Peter DicksonPeter's career started out with a 6 year apprenticeship as an Instrument Maker, manufacturing medical equipment and gaining a HND in Production Engineering. He then worked in Tech Sales for a UK based enclosure company before becoming the Product Manager for a global manufacturer of Thermoplastic & composite enclosures.

Peter started his own business in 1995, manufacturing products for the Oil and Gas industry, including many specialist composite materials. This was incorporated into iLECSYS in 2002.

Peter's role at iLECSYS is to ensure we play our part in helping National Rail deliver the CP6 challenges, fully understanding "digital ready" and ensuring the infrastructure is a safer place. Taking Class II and Composite products forward to change the way we create infrastructure and help deliver the 24hr railway . 

Peter has been a keen Model Engineer since the age of 12, models from 7mm scale up to 7 1/4” gauge Steam locomotives and been active in the construction of 3 passengers carrying railways.


Tony Harris - Technical Manager

In 1994, Tony began his career within the rail industry. Before this, he startedTony Harris iLECSYS Rail
out as a design engineer and project manager for HVAC/BMS. This then led on to control system integration and control gear distribution, where he designed fuel distribution systems for petrol station forecourts. These are still being used today by many motorway service stations.

Whilst working with British Rail and then Railtrack, before being succeeded by Network Rail, Tony came up with the concept of the “Power Enclosure”, which over time, has evolved into the Class II products we are familiar with today. Tony has gained further experience over the years, working for CSE Rail, MGB Engineering and Unipart Rail, before joining iLECSYS Rail in 2020.

Tony's role at iLECSYS Rail is to add additional technical support to the already strong engineering and sales teams, as well as promoting signalling power products and services and exploring new products to introduce to the already extensive product portfolio. 

Playing until he was 50 years old, Tony is a true football fan. He is a season
ticket holder for Wycombe Wanderers and spends a lot of his weekends
supporting them, along with his sons and granddaughters. 


Wider Team

At iLECSYS Rail we have a whole host of experienced engineers and manufacturing personnel all helped out by an operations team. Our state of the art factory and warehouse means we can deliver projects efficiently for our customers and we are on hand to manage the project from end to end for you.