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TCBs (Trackside Connection Boxes)

iLECSYS Rail manufacture a wide range of Trackside Connection Boxes (TCB's) to cover all points heating applications. All TCB's are supplied complete with 4mm feed through terminals, terminal markers, external and internal labels and conduit gland entries. 

All TCB's are manufactured using product approved GRP enclosures, aligning to BS EN 50215-4. Standard TCB's include 8 & 16 way, hot and/or cold probe, clamp lock and buffer stop lighting trackside connection boxes. 

TCB's will generally sit between the 110V transformer and equipment, allowing for a local point of disconnection in the event of a failure or maintenance works. 

Part Number Description Application PADS Number
ILS100159/008 8 Way Strip Heater Connection Box Points Heating 086/010802
ILS100159/001 8 Way Trackside Connection Box Points Heating 086/010787
ILS100159/002 16 Way Trackside Connection Box Points Heating 086/010786
ILS100159/003 Hot or Cold Probe Trackside Connection Box Points Heating 086/010788
ILS100159/004 Hot & Cold Probe Trackside Connection Box Points Heating 086/010789
ILS100159/005 Clamplock Connection Box Points 086/010815
ILS100159/012 Buffer Stop Lighting Connection Box Lighting 086/010802

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TCB Mounting Options

iLECSYS manufacture and stock a wide range of mounting options. These include standard steel mounting stakes, trough mount stake mounting, GRP post mounting and environmentally friendly backfillable bases.