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Annexe FSP

The integrated Annexe FSP assembly has been designed to offer a Class II retrofitable solution to an existing suitable apparatus housing. It will provide Class II 650 / 110V supply for signalling equipment. The unit requires minimal civils work to install, offers a substantial cost saving against a traditional metal location case and pre-cased base, providing a separate E&P asset. The assembly features a high efficiency Aluminium transformer, Class II Micro FSP, full Class II enclosure and a range of mounting options.

SIN119 Legacy Upgrades

The Annexe FSP offers SIN119 programs a cost effective, Class II solution that delivers a separate asset with minimal civils costs. It also provides a unit that can deliver Class II in locations with challenging access. The unit requires less than 4 hours site time, including a survey, correlation, installation and commissioning. The unit de-risks any existing cases where retrofit, using Micro FSPs, may impact on internal signalling equipment. With a great deal of prep work carried out in day work, the unit allows for minimal site possession time. A B2 type cable is used to connect between the Annexe unit and the existing Nx/Bx terminals. The Annexe FSP can accommodate both legacy and FGT type feeder cables, including aluminium type when used in conjunction with Bi-Metallic pins. A range of lightweight, high efficiency transformers deliver 110V in a range of options, from 500VA to 3KVA and multiple windings of twin and quad types. Outgoing 110V terminals or fuses can be provided to suit the power design.