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RapidRoot Foundation

Designed around the concept of a tree root, the Strucsol RapidRoot uses an arrangement of angled micro piles and pile caps to spread the foundation over a greater surface area, enabling larger load capacities, faster installation and a cost effective solution. 

The Rapid Root system is completely hand portable and installed by hand using our purpose built drivers, RapidRoot requires no heavy plant & machinery, making it particularly useful in applications with limited access availability. 


The Strucsol RapidRoot foundation system was developed following years of frustration, regarding foundation solutions for nominal structure loads, where the remote location or limited access made traditional piling rigs cost prohibitive or logistically difficult. With traditional piling techniques, capacity is improved by either increasing the pile diameter and the weight of the hammer or by increasing the auger diameter and the backfill material specification. Using small installation equipment typically means a reduction in capacity, however with the Strucsol RapidRoot anchor, multiple small diameter raked piles are driven by a 20kg or 30kg self powered driving hammer. These small diameter piles are connected at ground level by a load transfer plate, which in turn carries the structural loads. As the structural load increases, the number of piles attached to the load transfer plate increases, with arrays of between four and sixteen piles achievable. Piles are available in diameters of between 42mm and 68mm and multiple length arrangements can be achieved, with piles extended in length by mechanical connections and 1.5m long extension tubes. Piles can be arranged in any configuration and are driven to lockout or set.

  • Applications

  • Lightweight Signals
  • Retaining Walls
  • Temporary Works
  • Full Structures
  • Bridges
  • Masts
  • Platforms & Stagings