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Distribution Network Operator

Current Distribution Network Operator (DNO) cubicles largely employ distribution switchgear equipment based on sheet steel / cast iron enclosures which are largely unchanged since the 1960s.

In support of the evolving signalling power architecture, iLECSYS rail have developed a new generation of DNO enclosures for the modern digital world, utilising contemporary equipment and modular composite enclosures. 

Due to the modularity of the system, DNO cubicles can be designed and built to the user's exact requirements without compromise. This enables more optimised enclosure sizing and overall product costings.

  • Key features

  • Industry-standard approved GRP enclosures; side-by-side and back-to-back configurations available.
  • Facilities for DNO metering.
  • Site-specific switchgear configuration and labelling.
  • Main isolator and full earthing facilities.
  • Domestic lighting and heating.
  • Intelligent power meter and CT module.
  • Changeover facilities for backup power supplies.
  • Composite switchgear/distribution enclosures with clear lids.
  • Easier and quicker maintenance inspections.
  • Thermal camera monitoring of connections and terminations without removing module covers.
  • Three-phase and single phase busbar chamber options.
  • Backup generator connection point.
  • TVSS surge protection available.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Brochure

DNO Brochure