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iLECSYS Rail specialise in the design and manufacture of Functional Supply Point FSP-01 single end fed and FSP-02 dual end fed, in accordance with Network Rail standards NR/L2/SIGELP/27409 issue 2 and NR/L2/SIGELP/27410 issue 2, switching and distribution of 650V signalling power systems. The assemblies designated as Power Block 2, 3 and 4SW are designed to form part of the Network Rail Class II based signalling power distribution system, in accordance with the above standards. 

The Power Block is designed to be fed from a two wire 650VAC supply at a nominal 50Hz (+/- 1%). The supply is connected to the FSP via form 4B segregated terminal blocks, which are designed to accept a cable size between 16 and 120mm² per terminal via a mechanical bolted connection or via approved tunnel terminals. Feeder supplies are isolated via main switches on the front panel (SW1 & SW2). Primary side test points are supplied for both feeders. These test points are colour coded shrouded connections that will accept industry standard test leads. Assemblies have been designed to fit within a standard Network Rail apparatus case (BRS-SM440) as part of Class II based signalling power distribution systems. 

Type Distribution Topology Power Supply FSP Supply Architecture
FSP01 Single end fed (or sub-fed from main distribution system) Single end fed
FSP02 Dual end fed Manual reconfigurable dual end fed radial with an open point