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Plug N Play

Convenient Simplicity - Rapid Deployment

iLECSYS Rail specialises in the manufacture of Plug 'n' Play disconnection boxes, with over 100 approved variants, covering most of the standard circuits on the rail network. The focus is on efficient installation, commissioning and time saving maintenance programs. iLECSYS Rail's complete offering of Plug 'n' Play DIS boxes are available as fully plug coupled or interconnected versions.

There are six types of Disconnection Boxes

 Plug Coupled Disconnection Boxes - Have plugs or receptacles on both sides of the box. Generally plugs on the incoming (Loc/REB) side and generally receptacles on the outgoing (equipment) side.

 Interface Boxes - Have cable glands on the incoming (Loc/REB) side for hardwiring to the internal terminals and plugs or receptacles on the outgoing (equipment) side of the box. 

 Essential Boxes - Converts one shell size to another shell size and without them the signalling equipment is not functional. 

 Step-down Boxes - Converts cables with cores of large cross section areas to cables with cores of smaller cross sectional areas. 

 Equipment Boxes - Have signalling equipment other than wired receptacles and terminals inside the box, e.g: it may have a transformer. They have receptacles on both the incoming (Loc/REB) side and outgoing (equipment) side of the box, which deliberately stops cables being connected together, missing out the equipment and causing self-induced faults. 

 Marshalling Boxes - One or more large connector splits cores out to two or more smaller connectors. The cores don't necessarily map directly across. Generally there are receptacles on both the incoming (Loc/REB) side and outgoing (equipment) side of the box where there is no requirement to connect cables. 

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