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Distribution Interface Transformer Assembly

The fully approved iLECSYS Rail DITA assembly is the perfect solution for both new and retrofit projects. Using proven Class II methods and technology, iLECSYS's DITA comprises of a full range of approved modules, allowing for a fully customisable solution suited to your exact requirement. The fully Class II solution is housed in a PADS approved GRP full location case for added safety benefits and enhancements. 

  • Key Features

  • The full Class II DITA transformer offers seamless integration and tested/proven thermal rise compatibility with NWR standard apparatus housings and associated equipment.
  • The ability to reset or boost various distribution voltages.
  • Galvanic isolation and capacitance decoupling of feeder circuits.
  • Facilitate Class I legacy to Class II feeder integration, aligned to NR/L2/SIGELP/27419.
  • Full Class II design prevents the need for expensive earthing surveys and bonding where adopted.
  • Inrush characteristics across the whole range of less than 5 times full load system current.
  • A stable of power ratings from 5 - 40kVA with single and dual output, multi voltage configurations to cover all regional voltages.
  • Supporting Network Rail standard NR/L2/SIGELP/27416 and TECM (Target Earth Calculator Model).
  • Compatible with 2C and 4C aluminium and copper cable. Earth connection boxes are available where SWA cable is being adopted.
  • Range of insulation monitoring devices, available with optional fault location (note IMD requires an earth bond).
  • DMT (Definite Minimum Time) outgoing protection. Available from 25A to 100A electronic programmable circuit protection. Using the latest technology can be configured and programmed to your exact requirement.

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