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PADS Approved DIS Boxes

iLECSYS Rail specialises in the manufacture of plug coupled DIS boxes, using PADS approved GRP enclosures and aligning to BS EN 50215-4. The company have just received version 5 of their PADS certificate for this product range, making it the most comprehensive range of plug coupled products in the rail industry, supporting all trackside equipment connectivity.

All the DIS boxes can be supplied as fully plug coupled or coupled on the trackside equipment side only (interface). As well as plug coupled DIS boxes, iLECSYS Rail also supply:

  • Free wired signalling DIS boxes
  • Points heating TCBs
  • Step-down cable boxes
  • Equipment boxes
  • Marshalling boxes

As your single source partner for signalling cable interfacing products, iLECSYS Rail also offer wired receptacles, leads and interconnects to complete the installation package. In addition, significant stocks of the most popular MIL 50-15 components are held in stock and the company are recognised as one of the UK’s largest stockists of rail approved enclosures and mounting systems.

All the DIS boxes can be configured to suit your project specific requirements within the constraints of the PA certificates. iLECSYS Rail have a comprehensive in-house engineering department which mean they can cater for any additional cable entries, backplate assemblies or mounting options.

Check out the DIS Boxes page to find more information, technical specifications, and additional PADS certificates.

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