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Keeping the Maintainer Happy

iLECSYS Rail have designed and manufactured a range of solutions to replace existing joint/link boxes. Joint boxes have been used on the rail network for a number of years and can predominantly be found in areas where long feeder cables are present. The joint box allows for long feeds to be segregated, allowing for sectioned isolation and more importantly, in the event of a fault, a smaller section of cable to repair or replace.

Joint boxes have also been used to split feeders. This can be particularly useful where a main feeder splits off to a branch line or sub-distributes to a remote location case.

The feeling is that non-compliant joint boxes can be replaced by a simple resin joint, although this is not always the case. By taking away segregated points of isolation, you are not only taking away the maintainers point of isolation but potentially introducing another point of failure. Often, feeders have been subject to load ratings and optimum voltages. If you remove a joint box in the middle of a 2 mile feeder, you have to be sure that the feeder will not be subject to any voltage drop over the longer distance. iLECSYS joint boxes can be mounted to existing stakes, saving on any civils works. If the existing stake can not be reused then, for complete safety, a lightweight, sturdy GRP post can be installed. Joint Boxes are available with Micro FSP04s and FSP02s. Connection boxes can also be installed for use with large feeder cables and, if applicable, sub distribution cabling.